Where's Jennifer?
Where's Jennifer?
Eventually I'll make it there too.

About me......

I have always loved traveling. When I was young my grandfather would sometimes wake up and say, "Hey, let's go to Mississippi today to visit family", and we would be off on a road trip to visit family. (We lived an 8 hour drive away in St. Louis). While the only 'international' trip I would take with my grandparents was to Canada, they would always encourage me to explore the world once I got older. My grandmother worked at a Catholic high school, and the nuns there would always give her old books and magazines to give to me. Soon our house was filled with encyclopedias, national geographic magazines, biographies, and many fiction books telling stories of awesome lands to see and visit. I always dreamed of traveling the world, but always thought I would have to be rich to do it. In high school I made the decision to go to Saint Louis University (Go Billikens! ) mainly because my financial aid could be applied to study abroad at their Madrid campus. I only did a semester in Madrid due to my major and class schedules, but that truly opened my eyes to how accessible and easy it would be to travel the world. 

I travel for work every week domestically, and try to take at least 2 international trips every year. Here's a peek of my crazy busy world.

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Email: wheresjenniferat@gmail.com